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Some properties of the virtual pattern trees, folders, and shortcuts are displayed in the Properties pane of the Pattern Organizer.

Using the Properties toolbar buttons, you can choose the properties presentation:

  • Categorized - in expandable groups of categories.
  • Alphabetical - in alphabetical order.

The Name and Visible properties are editable. Changes are applied when the edited field loses the focus, or the Enter key is pressed. The node name in the pattern tree changes accordingly.

To edit properties of a tree, shortcut, or folder

  1. Click Tools > Pattern Organizer to open the Pattern Organizer.
  2. In the Virtual pattern trees pane, select a tree node. This node can be a shortcut, folder, or pattern tree. Properties of the selected node appear in the Properties pane.
  3. In the Properties pane:
    • Edit the value of the Name property using the in-place editor.
    • Select the value of the Visible property, using the drop-down list.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

Tip: The Visible property applies to shortcuts only. If Visible is set to Visible, the shortcut is displayed in the Pattern Wizard. Otherwise, it is not visible in the Pattern Wizard. If a folder does not contain any visible shortcuts, it is also hidden in the Pattern Wizard.

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