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FireUI Live Preview is a server/client tool.

The server application comes integrated with the IDE. FireUI Live Preview (IDE) needs no additional installation.

The IDE comes with a default configuration and it is always running and listening to accept connections.

To configure the IDE options, go to Tools > Options > Environment Options > Form Designer > FireUI Live Preview. For more information, see FireUI Live Preview Server Options.

FireUI Live Preview (IDE) Actions

You can perform different actions from the IDE:

  • Enable/Disable broadcast to the connected clients: You can decide when to broadcast to the connected clients, selecting or unselecting the Broadcast FireUI Live Preview option.
    Note: Broadcast FireUI Live Preview comes enabled by default.
  • Disconnect clients: You can disconnect clients from the IDE side. You can force the disconnection from a client, so that the IDE does not try to broadcast. This option is especially useful when a connected device loses its connection.
  • Restrict connections to the IDE: You can set a password to connect to the IDE. The IDE comes with no password by default. To restrict connections to the IDE, you need to set a password.
  • Change the name of the IDE: You can change the name to broadcast. This is the name that appears in the client list.

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