FireUI Live Preview (IDE Options)

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Go Up to Form Designer Options

FireUI LivePreview.png

Tools > Options > Environment Options > Form Designer > FireUI Live Preview

The FireUI Live Preview page shows the options to configure the FireUI Live Preview server provided with RAD Studio.


Item Description
Broadcast FireUI Live Preview To enable/disable broadcast to the connected clients.

Note: This option comes enabled by default.

Server Name This is the server name that appears in the client application after discovering the servers.

Note: The name of the computer is used by default, and when the field is left empty.

Password The password to connect to the server from the client application.

Note: The password comes blank by default.

Connected Devices Pane

The Connected devices pane shows a list of the devices connected to the server.

The list shows the device name and the OS.

To disconnect clients from the IDE:

  1. Right-click a connected device from the list.
  2. Click Disconnect Client.

Connected devices pane.png

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