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When you sandbox an InterBase app for macOS, RAD Studio Rio automatically sets the remote path of the data files as Contents\Resouces\StartUp\. According to the Apple Store specifications, this remote path is the proper path for sandboxed applications. This way, when you launch your app for the first time, the operating system creates a Container folder where your app has reading and writing access. See App Sandboxing with InterBase ToGo for macOS for more information.

However, you may not want to sandbox your application if you do not want to deliver it via the Apple Store. You may want to still embed InterBase in your application and deploy it directly to the users. Since, RAD Studio Rio locates automatically the InterBase files under the StartUp, the following section explains how to change the remote path of InterBase files manually.

Configuring the Remote Path for InterBase files

  1. After you have embedded an InterBase database in your application, open the Deployment Manager by selecting Project > Deployment.
    Notice that RAD Studio has automatically set the remote path for InterBase files as Contents\Resouces\StartUp\.
    See File location in macOS deployment for sandboxed apps.
  2. Double-click the current remote path name and change it with the remote path you want.
    Take into account that non-sandboxed applications do not need to include their files under the StartUp. You may want to go back to the setting of Interbase 2020 where the database files were located in the same folder as the executable file. See the related [documentation].

Changing the remote path of InterBase files to previous settings allows various InterBase applications deployed via non-Apple medium to peacefully coexist together for the same end user. Additionally, this also eliminates any possibility of all of these applications colliding to use the same user home directory for InterBase files.

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