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Go Up to Cloud Computing with DataSnap

Amazon offers a broad spectrum of services, including application services, database services and storage services. RAD Studio provides the Amazon API to support these services.

Connecting to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account

Note: We recommend that you read the official documentation on how to manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) security credentials before using the Amazon API.

You can use the TAmazonConnectionInfo component to connect to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

You can find the TAmazonConnectionInfo component in the Cloud section of the Tool Palette. Drop the component on the form and enter your account information in the corresponding properties in the Object Inspector:

  • AccountKey: The Secret Access Key.
  • AccountName: The Access Key ID.

To learn how to get the access keys, read the Managing Access Keys section of the official documentation.

For more information on the rest of the properties of the TAmazonConnectionInfo component, see the API documentation.

Alternatively, you can create an instance of TAmazonConnectionInfo programmatically:


 MyAmazonCloudConnection:TAmazonConnectionInfo := TAmazonConnectionInfo.Create(nil);
 MyAmazonCloudConnection.AccountName := 'AKIAJ32REXDJHV2X4JSQ';
 MyAmazonCloudConnection.AccountKey := 'uW3f0fucxqotP/UXQAv/xhiaGt8UAAhHcYDaqxmW';

Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The classes that implement support for the corresponding Amazon Web Services are:


The Cloud Explorer sample application demonstrates the use of the TAmazonStorageService API.

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