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Community Edition Overview

Delphi Community Edition and C++ Builder Community Edition are free, limited commercial use editions that allow you to develop Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS applications with a single codebase, debug on any device using built-in debugging tools, build database apps with local/embedded capabilities, and use included components to enhance your app and reduce development cycles.

Community Edition includes Mobile and has Bluetooth and IoT capabilities.

Attention: Delphi Community Edition and C++ Builder Community Edition cannot coexist on the same system. You cannot install Community Edition and any higher edition (of the same version), in the same machine either.
Note: Delphi Community Edition and C++ Builder Community Edition are the latest release of 10.2.3 Tokyo, build 3231.

How to Install Community Edition

Use the GetIt Web Installer to install Delphi Community Edition or C++ Builder by following the steps below:

  1. Get the Installer for Delphi Community Edition or C++ Builder Community Edition from Embarcadero. As part of the download process, you will need to sign up for an Embarcadero Developer Network account. You will use the same credentials to register your Community Edition license during the installation process.
    CE LicenseRequest.png
  2. Run the installer and enter your license key (provided via email) and Embarcadero Developer Network credentials to register Community Edition. This installs a minimal version of Community Edition and opens the Feature Installer, where you can choose the platforms you want support for.
    CE PlatformSelection.png
Note: If you choose to install Android support, you may need to install the required Android development tools provided in the Additional Selection Page. See the Installation Notes for more information.

If you accidentally close the Feature Installer during the installation process, Community Edition starts with no language or platform support. To open the Feature Installer again, select Tools > Manage Platforms from the IDE or restart Community Edition.

Community Edition Restrictions

The Community Edition has the following restrictions:

  • 1 year term license, requiring free renewal on an annual basis.
  • Annual developer/company/organization revenue of up to $5,000.00 (or the equivalent in other currencies) - see license agreement for restrictions
  • Limited to up to 5 users on the same network/in the same organization/company
  • No Enterprise level features - no remote database support, no RAD Server backend support, no Delphi Linux server support, etc. See feature matrix for a detailed comparison
  • No technical support
  • No Update Subscription
  • Access to new Community Edition releases requires the user to request a new Community Edition license key.

Community Edition Eligibility and License

Both Delphi Community Edition and C++ Builder Community Edition are aimed towards casual developers, students, and early stage startups that are starting to develop cross-platform apps.

Community Edition aims to make it easy to use Delphi and C++Builder, including learning the tools or starting to develop software with them, as well as assist students and open source developers.

Community Edition is licensed for 1 year (renewable) of limited commercial use until your individual or company yearly revenue reaches 5,000 USD or your development team expands to more than 5 developers. View the license agreement here.

The license key can be renewed for free after it expires. If you’re no longer eligible, you can upgrade to a paid version. Click here for more information.

RAD Studio Trial and Community Edition

Community Edition cannot coexist with another edition of the same version on one machine. If you get the following error when trying to install Community Edition (after entering the Community Edition license key), you will need to manually remove all non-Community Edition 10.2 licenses from your system.

CE RemoveLicense.png

Run the License Manager, found in the bin directory (C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\bin), click Delete in the License Actions column on the right, select non-Community Edition 10.2 licenses in the pop-up dialog, and click Delete.

CE LicenseManager.png

Next, close the License Manager and launch the IDE to complete the installation of Community Edition.

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