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Executing SQL in the Data Explorer

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You can write, edit, and execute SQL in an SQL Window, which is available from within the Data Explorer.

To open a SQL Window

  1. Choose View > Data Explorer.
  2. Select a connection.
  3. Right-click the connection and choose SQL Window. This opens a tabbed SQL Window in the Code Editor.

To execute SQL

  1. Enter a valid SQL statement or stored procedure name in the multi-line text box at the top of the SQL Window.
  2. Click Execute SQL. If the SQL statement or stored procedure is valid, the result set appears in the bottom pane of the SQL Window.
    Note: The SQL statement or stored procedure must operate against the current connection and its target database. You cannot execute SQL against a database to which you are not connected.
  3. Click Clear All SQL to clear the SQL statement or stored procedure from the multi-line text box.

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