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Installing the EMS Server or EMS Console Server on a Production Environment on Linux

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Go Up to Setting Up Your EMS Server

You can set up the EMS Server on your Linux machine for the following options:


To configure the EMS Server on Linux you need the following:

  • RAD Studio on Windows
  • Linux machine (can be a virtual machine)
  • InterBase installed on your Linux machine
For EMS development testing on Linux, download InterBase XE7 for Linux from and register.
  • Apache installed on your Linux machine (for Apache Server Support)

Note: For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installations, the "libcurl3" package is required for RAD Server.

Linux support

You can find the EMS files LinuxEMSServer.tar and in the following location:

Linux 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\EMSServer

EMS installer on Linux consists of two files:

  • LinuxEMSServer.tar: the archive that includes servers, tools, packages, and static files.
  • the file that unpacks the files, places them into the required locations, and assigns attributes and rights.

LinuxEMSServer.tar includes the following:

  • Servers:
    • server\EMSDevServerCommand (for Stand-alone server)
    • server\ (for Apache server support)
    • server\EMSMultiTenantConsole (for RAD Studio Multi-Tenancy support)
  • Tools:
    • EMSDevConsoleCommand (for Stand-alone server)
    • server\ (for Apache server support)
  • objrepos files needed by EMSDevConsoleCommand:
    • objrepos\webresources
    • objrepos\ems\EMSMSERVER.IB
    • objrepos\ems\EMSMSERVER.SQL
    • objrepos\ems\emsserver.ib
    • objrepos\ems\emsserver.sql
    • objrepos\ems\emsserver.ini
  • Packages needed by servers or tools:
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\
    • rtl\

If you use FireDAC with a database management system other than InterBase, you need its FireDAC driver, such as for SQLite.

EMS Server uses the following default paths when you finish setting it up:

  • EMSDevServerCommand, EMSDevConsoleCommand are located in /usr/lib/ems
  • mod_emsconsole, mod_emsserver is located in /usr/lib/apache2/modules (in case the Apache is installed, if not the following location is used: in /usr/lib/ems)
  • ib, sql, ini and webresources folder are located in /etc/ems
  • RTL and DBRTL packages (*.so) are located in /usr/lib/ems
  • Also, the installer creates /var/emsserver_install.log.

Stand-alone Installation

  1. To install Stand-alone Server, you need to execute the file.
  2. To run the Stand-alone Server, you need to execute EMSDevServerCommand.

If you have created one or more packages of custom EMS resources, you must build them into package shared library files.

  • objrepos files needed by EMSDevServerCommand:
    • objrepos\ems\emsserver.ib
    • objrepos\ems\EMSMSERVER.SQL
    • objrepos\ems\EMSMSERVER.IB
    • objrepos\ems\emsmserver.sql
    • objrepos\ems\emsserver.ini

Apache Server Support

Follow these steps to set up your EMS Server or Console running on an Apache Server:

  1. Download and install Apache HTTP Server for Windows or Linux.
    Note: EMS Server only runs in Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.
  2. Install EMS server using
  3. Configure the Apache HTTP Server to load the EMS Apache server and EMS Apache console modules. Edit the httpd.conf file.
    • Add the following line to load the EMS Apache server module (
    LoadModule emsserver_module /usr/lib/ems/module/
    • Add the following line to load the EMS Apache console module (
    LoadModule emsconsole_module /usr/lib/ems/module/
    • Add the Location tags to create a container where you can specify access control rules for a given URL.
    <Location /ems-server>
       SetHandler libmod_emsserver-handler
    <Location /ems-console>
       SetHandler libmod_emsconsole-handler
  4. To check if the EMS Apache server module is properly running, open a web browser and type: http://localhost:8085/ems-server/version
  5. You can access the EMS Apache console module by accessing http://localhost:8085/ems-console/

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