Missing Indexes (SQL Server)

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Missing indexes is a feature which helps you to improve the performance of your system. The Missing indexes functionality proposes you to create new indexes for improving the system in case they are needed.

To access Missing Indexes:

From Databases Node

Accessing Missing Indexes

  1. Open the Databases node of the tree.
  2. Open the database of the tree where you want to check if there are Missing Indexes.
  3. Select the Tables node in the tree.
  4. Open the Table Editor where you want to check if there are "Missing Indexes". See Opening an Object Editor.
  5. Select the Missing Indexes panel if enabled.

You can also access the Missing Indexes with the dedicated node under the Database node.

Adding Indexes

From the Missing Index panel you can create an Index with the information needed. For that:

  1. Double click in the Missing Index you want to create.
  2. Right-click and Create...
    It opens the Indexes Wizard (SQL Server) filled with the information from the selected Missing Index.