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Rapid SQL incorporates a powerful SQL scripting environment, the SQL Editor. The SQL Editor lets you write, debug, test and deploy solid SQL code for your database applications.

You can open multiple SQL windows. In addition, when you open an SQL file, it opens in an SQL Editor window. For more information, see Opening Files.

To open a SQL Editor window

  1. Connect to the datasource that you want to write a script against and ensure that it is the active datasource. For more information, see Connected/Selected Datasource options.
  2. On the File menu, select New ISQL.
    An SQL Editor window opens in your current workspace.

The following topics provide details on functionality specific to the SQL Editor:

See the following topics for information that the SQL Editor shares with other Rapid SQL environments:

Note: The Tools menu offers a number of code generation and execution utilities that can be used in conjunction with the SQL Editor. For details, see Tools.