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Query Builder is a database productivity tool that lets you construct, structure, and manipulate up to five different types of queries simultaneously. It includes a separate graphical interface that opens within your current workspace. You can run Query Builder against all IDERA supported database platforms.

Query Builder displays the interconnections of your queries as you work. The powerful visual components of Query Builder let you see your query grow and change to fit your needs. Query Builder eases the task of drawing data from tables by automatically creating correct SQL code as you build a statement. You can use Query Builder to create and execute SELECT statements for tables and views. You can also test queries, and easily adjust your information, before you save. Query Builder does not rely on knowledge of the underlying SQL code.

You can save and reopen queries in Query Builder. Query Builder automatically checks for changes in your tables or columns between the time you save the query and the time you reopen it.

The table below describes the types of queries available in Query Builder:

Query Type Description

Building a SELECT Statement

Create, manipulate and execute SELECT Statements for tables and views.

Building an INSERT Statement

Create and manipulate INSERT Statements for tables.

Building an UPDATE Statement

Create and manipulate UPDATE Statements for tables.

Building a DELETE Statement

Create and manipulate DELETE Statements for tables.

Building a CREATE VIEW Statement

Create and manipulate CREATE VIEW Statements for tables and views.

Note: You can execute SELECT statements directly from Query Builder. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and CREATE VIEW statements must be moved to an ISQL Editor for execution.