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The Tools menu offers the following:

Tool Description

Find in Files

Lets you find a phrase or character in your files.

Database Search

Lets you search for objects whose DDL contains specified strings.

Script/File Execution Facilities

Two stand-alone utilities that let you type or paste SQL statements to be executed or execute a script in a file.


Describes tools you can use to schedule tasks.

Visual Difference

Lets you compare two files or database objects.

Query Builder

Lets you build queries using a visual interface.

Import Data

Lets you import data from .xls, .sql, .tab, or .csv files.

SQL Profiler

Provides access to the PL/SQL Profiler.

Table/Index Size Estimator

Provides access to the Estimate Size object action.

IDERA Product Menu Commands

Correspond to installed or available IDERA products.

Available DBMS Utility Menu Commands

Lets you start third party utilities.

Code Workbench

Lets you set up keystroke-saving shortcuts that can be used in the SQL Editor.

Customize (Tools menu)

Lets you customize the user interface and set up shortcuts.

Options (Tools menu)

Lets you configure features and specify preferences.

Data Editor

Provides a live data editor.