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You can schedule routine tasks and jobs using the following utilities:

Microsoft Task Scheduler

You can use the Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule jobs. The Microsoft Task Scheduler is included with various Microsoft applications. If you do not have this program on your system, the first time you attempt to schedule a job, you are offered a link to the Microsoft Web site where you can download the Microsoft Task Scheduler at no cost.

Note: The ETSQLX command line utility runs a scheduled job even if the application is not running. For more information, see ETSQLX Command Line Utility.

To open the Microsoft Job Scheduler

  1. On the Tools menu, click Scheduler.
  2. Use the associated online Help for assistance with using this Microsoft utility.

ETSQLX Command Line Utility

The ETSQLX command line utility, is a multi threaded, cross-platform, SQL scripting engine. You can use ETSQLX in conjunction with the Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule and automate routine jobs. ETSQLX creates batch files (with the extension.cfg) containing commands to execute automated and scheduled jobs. ETSQLX creates a directory, CFG, in which it stores the.cfg files. You can run.cfg files directly from the command line.

Note: ETSQLX supports.csv, .tab, .htm, and.html formats for result reports attachments.