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Embarcadero has introduced the most powerful, yet simplest database performance tool on the market. On this website you will find the inside track on DB Optimizer from Kyle Hailey, an avid Embarcadero tools user. For official documentation and marketing go to [http:\\]


The 5 icons framed in red below are all that's needed to use DB Optimizer

Menu markup.png

AddADataSource.pngAdd a data source The first step is to add a datasource to work on. Once a data source has been added then DB Optimzers functionality can be accessed.

Profiler.pngProfiler - view database load, find top SQL and send SQL to SQL Tuner for tuning.

Tuner.pngTuner - supply a SQL statement and have DB Optimizer's SQL Tuner automatically tune the query.

Editor.pngEditor - write and debug SQL code with code assistance and quick fixes.

LoadEditor.pngLoad Editor - test SQL code with multiple concurrent users.

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DB Optimizer 1.5
YouTube 7 minute: quick overview
Official Flash demonstrations (3 parts)
Flash 26 minutes: Code Rage presentation on DB Optimizer
DB Optimizer 1.5.1
New Code Load Testing Feature


Free 14 day Trial Version


Faster SQL Profiling for Better Database Performance
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