Setting up a Backup ELC for Temporary Redundancy

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Optionally, ELC may be configured with one backup ELC running on a separate machine. Specific configuration/license files that are hosted and locked to both master and backup host machines are required for a master/backup license server system. You get these files from Embarcadero.

If a backup ELC loses communication with its master ELC, the backup server begins to dispense licenses. The backup server stops dispensing licenses once the master ELC is restored, or if communication remains unavailable longer than Embarcadero's specified duration of 72 hours; this is called the "backup grace period."

The purpose of a backup grace period is to allow products to access their licenses while administrators restore the master server.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The backup server is not intended for long term use. If the master server goes offline and the backup grace period expires, the backup stops dispensing licenses and products do not have access to those licenses.

To set up a Master/Backup Redundancy System

  1. Obtain specific configuration/license files from Embarcadero. The files are needed for both master server and networked enabled Embarcadero products.
  2. Configure the master server like a non-redundant ELC using the files obtained in Step 1. Before starting the master server, install ELC on the backup host machine and designate it as a backup.
  3. To designate an ELC as a backup server, locate the configuration file on the backup machine in the <ELC>\conf directory and configure properties described below. By default, an ELC is not configured as a backup server.
    1. Backup Server Properties

      Property Value Type Description



      Designates the ELC install as a backup server.



      Set the master ELC host name or IP address.



      Set the master ELC port number (default is 5567).

  4. Start the master ELC. The master server will wait for the backup ELC to start and communicate. The master server will timeout after 5 minutes if the backup fails to communicate. The backup server must be started manually.
  5. Start the backup ELC within 5 minutes of starting the master ELC. The backup server will download the necessary files from the master server, and both servers will eventually finish hand-shaking and become active.
  6. Review info.log located in the <ELC>\logs directory on both master and backup servers for confirmation of successful startups.
  • Running startup and shutdown commands on the master server does not startup and shutdown the backup server. You need to issue startup and shutdown commands separately on the backup server.
  • If you set up email notification, the master and backup servers will email warnings of master and backup server's outages.
  • The backup server does not offer reporting and does not allow concurrent or named offline usage.
  • A combination of redundant and non-redundant configuration files on the master server is not allowed.

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