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The Find function has two different ways to find elements: Finding in Diagram and Finding in Model View.

Finding in Diagram

This option lets you search for an object name in an active diagram. The found element is then highlighted in the diagram.

1 On the Main menu, select Edit > Find in Diagram... or press Ctrl+F and the Find dialog displays.
2 Enter the name of the element you want to find. This searches for any element in the current diagram
3 You can select the options to match whole words only or match case at this point.
Note: “Match whole word only” looks for a full match. If you want to do a partial match, you would keep this unchecked. Also, the “Match case’ option looks at case.
4 Select the direction you want to search. In this case direction means up or down, searching an internal list that is created when the Find operation starts.
Note: If multiple elements are found, the Find Next command selects the next match based on the direction you have indicated.
5 Click OK and the found object is centered and highlighted in the Diagram Area.
  • If a search item is not found, a Message dialog opens telling you that there are no elements on the diagram that meet the search criteria.
  • If you have found all items in that diagram you will get a message that there are no more elements on the active diagram meeting the search criteria

Finding in Model View

This function lets you quickly locate an element on an active diagram in the Model View tree.

Right-click an element in the Diagram Area and click Find in Model View or click Ctrl+H. The element is highlighted in the Model View tree.