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ER/Studio BA Tools outlines how to use the tools and features. The table below describes the different sections of this chapter:

Topic Description

Create Diagram from Selected Elements

This function gives you the ability to create diagrams from both Business Process and Conceptual Model elements that exist on the Model View tree or on a diagram.


The Find functions give you the ability to find information in the current diagram.


A Search dialog lets you search for elements, or specific text in descriptions and notes. You can filter the search parameters and view the results in the Search Results view.


There are two wizards that walk you through the creation or editing of a link relationship between elements.


There are two wizards that walk you through the creation or editing of a usage relationship between elements.

Impact Analysis Diagram

This is a graphical representation of the links or usages you created. You can also update an existing diagram.

Grid Editor

The Grid Editor is a spreadsheet-like display format used as an alternative to the Tree view. This is valuable for displaying large numbers of objects or business-related textual objects, such as business rules. Grid Editors can be printed or exported as a report in csv, html, pdf, and rtf formats.


Note: : There are two main reports in ER/Studio BA: the Impact Analysis Report and the Web Report.


Views support editors and provides alternative presentations as well as ways to navigate the information in ER/Studio BA.