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You can export conceptual models to ER/Studio DA where the elements in the conceptual diagram map to the logical diagram in ER/Studio DA.

You can choose to export all or part of the elements on a model by right-clicking on a Conceptual Model node (ICON CONCEPTUAL MODEL.PNG) in the Model View and selecting Export > Model to ER/Studio Data Architect.... This command is also available on the File menu.

If you wan to export all or part of the elements present on a specific Conceptual Model diagram, right-click on the desired diagram node (ICON CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM.PNG) and select Export Diagram to ER/Studio Data Architect. This command is also available on the File menu.

The export uses pre-defined mapping. A mapping table is also included for Bound Business Elements. Click here for instructions on using the export wizard.

Note: Models are exported to a format which can be opened in ER/Studio Data Architect 7.0 and above.

The following rules apply to the export of Subject Areas:

  • Subject areas are exported as sub-models
  • All nested Subject Areas will be exported according to Subject Area containment, creating nested submodels.
  • Business Entities mapped to subject area will be exported as entities under that submodel
  • Business Entities contained in the subject area (on a diagram) will be exported as entities under that submodel
  • Nested Subject Areas will be exported based on mappings.
  • Mapped diagrams will export Business Entities in the diagram not contained in Subject Areas.
  • Mapped diagrams will not export the diagram's Subject Areas and its contents

The following rules apply to the export of Entities and Attributes

  • Nested Business Entities will be exported as logical entities connected by a super-type/sub-type relationships.
  • Individually selected Business Entities will be exported as logical entity without exporting its parent subject area
  • If you have Business Entities with Name Collisions, (Business Entity name from one model is the same as the name of a Business Entity from another model) one of the Business Entities' names will be renamed by appending with a string like "_1".
  • Business Entities mapped to the Subject Area will be exported, including the nested Business Entities. Both the parent and child Business Entities will be selected together.

Exporting the Conceptual Model to ER/Studio DA

1 In the Model View tree, right-click on either the conceptual model or diagram you want to export to ER/Studio DA and select Export to ER/Studio Data Architect....
2 In the Export to ER/Studio Data Architect dialog, name your exported file in the File Name text box.
Note: The file extension of “.dm1” is automatically added.
3 Click Browse in the Directory text box to find the directory where you want to store you exported file. The default directory is ...My Documents\ERStudioBusinessArchitect.
4 From the list of Available elements, select the objects you want to export and click ICON ADD ARROW.PNG. You can select multiple objects by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking individual objects. You can also import the entire list by clicking ICON ADD ALL ARROW.PNG. A Business Entity element maps as a logical subnode under the main model. The Subject Area element maps as a top level node in the Logical hierarchy
5 The objects to be exported appear in the Selected Elements list box as ER/Studio DA objects.
6 Click OK and the export dialog closes. If you set the appropriate preferences, the Open generated model in ER/Studio Data Architect... option is selected in the dialog. The exported model is then opened automatically in ER/Studio DA.