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There are three ways of connecting Events and Activities to each other or to other information: Sequence Flow, Message Flow, and an Association. You can gain access to the Property View for each connection element by double-clicking the relationship element in the diagram.

The table below describes the link types displayed on the Business Process Objects Palette:

Connection elements Palette Icon Description

Sequence Flow (BPM)


A sequence flow shows the sequence of processes in an organization. You can use the sequence flow lines to connect events, processes, and gateways in pools or lanes. The Sequence Flow (BPM) has three different designations that can be set using the Sequence Flow Property View. Double-click the Sequence Flow to open the Sequence Flow Properties dialog.

Message Flow (BPM)


Shows the model order of processes between organizations (i.e. between pools).

Association (BPM)


An Association is used to associate information and artifacts with events and activities.