Business Process Modeling Elements

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There are six different categories of Business Process Modeling Notation elements:

The following sections discuss all aspects of how you can use them in the application.

ER/Studio BA offers business flow functionality when working with the elements of the diagram. As you place an element in the Diagram View it is validated against the BPMN specification. If a placement or link is invalid, based on the BPMN specification, you will get a warning dialog.

Validating Against BPMN Specification

When you create a new model you can choose to validate the creation of certain elements and flows against the BPMN specifications. The validation checks compliance with the Business Process Modeling Notation specifications. For example, if validation is enabled and you draw a message flow from a start event to a task, you get a dialog stating that this is an invalid relationship. You can select one of three options to resolve the invalid notification:

  • Do not allow the relationship to be created.
  • Allow the relationship to be created.
  • Allow the relationship and do not validate future relationships against the BPMN specification.
Note: You can set a preference to turn this feature off or on.