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A Gateway controls the divergence and convergence of the Sequence Flow. It determines branching, forking, merging, and joining of paths. Basically it is a question that is asked at a point in the flow. This question has a defined set of alternative answers.

Element Palette Icon Description



This symbol displays decisions, merges, forks, and joins in the process flow. It controls how Sequence Flows interact as they converge and diverge within a process. You can set the Gateway Control Types of a gateway and change the logic specified by it.   There are two different ways to set the Gateway’s control types: from the palette, or on the Model View.

Placing Gateways Using the Palette

1 Click Gateway in the Business Process Objects Palette to expand the node.
2 Click the gateway with the control type you want to use from the expanded node.
3 Click once in the Diagram View and the selected gateway is placed in the diagram.
Note: Notice that the selected gateway also appears in the Model View tree with the appropriate icon designating the control type.

Placing Gateways Using the Model View

1 Right-click the lane name where you want to place the gateway.
2 Select New and then select Gateway from the list of available elements and a gateway node is placed in the Model View tree.
3 Double-click the gateway node and the Gateway Properties View opens.
4 In the Type list box select the control type you want to use from the type drop-down list and click OK. The gateway node icon changes to represent your control type.
Note: You can then drag the gateway node from the Model View tree on to the Diagram View.