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An event is something that occurs during the course of a business process. These events affect the flow of the process and usually have either a trigger or a result, depending on the event. There are three types of Events based on when they affect the flow: Start, Intermediate, and End. The table below describes the event elements:

Events Palette Icon Description

Start Events

ICON - StartEvent.png

Starts a process flow. In terms of a Sequence Flow, the Start Event starts the flow of the Process, so it won’t have an incoming Sequence Flow. A Start Event can have one of multiple Triggers that indicates how the Process starts: Message, Timer, Error, Escalation, Compensation, Conditional, Signal, and Link.

Intermediate Events

ICON - IntermediateEvents.png

Happens during the course of a process event. The available triggers are Message, Timer, Error, Escalation, Cancel, Compensation, Conditional, Link, and Signal.

End Events

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Ends a process flow. The available results are: Message, Error, Escalation, Cancel, Compensation, Signal, Terminate, and Link.