External Data Object Export to ER/Studio DA

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Go Up to External Data Objects (Importing and Exporting)

You can export External Data Objects to ER/Studio DA where all entity elements map to a logical model and all table elements map to a physical model in ER/Studio DA. Only entities and tables are exported. The export uses pre-defined mapping.

Note: Models are exported to a format which can be opened in ER/Studio DA 7.0 and above.
1 Right-click an External Data Objects node in the Model View tree, or a datasource node.
2 Select Export to ER/Studio Data Architect and the Export to ER/Studio Data Architect dialog opens.
Select the External Data Objects node and click File > Export > To ER/Studio Data Architect... .
3 In the Export to ER/Studio Data Architect dialog, the default name for the exported file is the data source name with the file extension of “.dm1”. You can change this name or leave the default setting.
4 The default directory is ER/Studio BA’s default workspace directory: “...MyDocuments\ERStudioBusinessArchitect”. You can browse to a new location as well and make a new directory.
5 From the list of Available Elements, select the elements you want to export and click ICON ADD ARROW.PNG. You can select multiple elements by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking individual items. You can also import the entire list by clicking ICON ADD ALL ARROW.PNG. All the selected elements are moved to the Selected Elements tree.
6 Click OK and the export dialog closes. If you set the appropriate preferences, the “Open generated model in ER/Studio DA...” option is selected in the dialog. The exported model is then opened automatically in ER/Studio DA.