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For Workstation license installations, version 16.5 and later require new serial numbers. Obtain new ER/Studio Business Architect serial numbers from the Maintenance Portal.

For Networked license installations, obtain new ER/Studio Business Architect 16.5 and later license certificates from the Maintenance Portal. Please ask your license server administrator to host the new license certificates.

If you have an existing version of EA/Studio or ER/Studio Business Architect, the new version will install to a new directory labeled for that specific product name and version by default.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The setup program looks for existing user preferences previously set on the machine. These settings are automatically applied to the new installation configuration.

Warning.gif WARNING: If you have installed the newer version of ER/Studio Business Architect, your workspaces must be upgraded before they can be used. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep both versions on your computer as workspace files are not always compatible.