Adding and Editing Title Blocks

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The Title Block provides important identification information about your model or submodel that by default includes the file name and information from the Diagram Properties, such as project name, author name, company name, diagram version number, copyright information, the diagram creation date and last modification date. You can change many of the field values in the title block without affecting the values in the Diagram Properties editor.

  1. Click the model or submodel to which you want to add a title block.
  2. Click Insert >Title Block.
  3. In the Data Model Window, click where you want to place the title block, and then right-click to deselect the Title Block creator.
  4. Use the selection tool to reposition the title block if desired.
  5. Double-click the Title Block to launch the Title Block editor, make the changes desired, and then click OK to affect the changes and exit the editor.
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 for each model or submodel as desired.


  • The File Name and Submodel or Model name fields in the Title Block editor are read-only, as are the creation and modification dates.
  • For information on Diagram Properties, see Setting Diagram Properties.

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