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The tutorials are intended to help you get started using our data modeling and database design solution, ER/Studio Data Architect.

After completing these tutorials, you’ll have the foundation you need to explore the many features and benefits of ER/Studio Data Architect. You will have learned how to do the following:

  • Create a new data model.
  • Work with logical and physical diagrams.
  • Leverage productivity-focused features such as powerful reporting engines.
  • Use common tasks and commands to make you more productive.

The tutorials are divided into different sessions. Do them all at once or complete them individually as your time permits.

You can use these basic tutorials as a road map of product highlights, but also to help you find your own path in exploring ER/Studio Data Architect.

Choose a topic to work with:

Once you have started, you can click the Help icon to find many additional resources that complement and build on many of the activities shown in this brief guide. Or use the online help.

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