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An SQL script is a plain text file with SQL code.

The SQL query language is a standard, but your DBMS’ implementation might not be completely compliant with the standard, or include additional features you may find usefull. Please, consult the documentation of your DBMS when writting your queries. For a list of DBMSs supported by HTML5 Builder, consult the installation notes.

You can create a new SQL script from Home > New > Other Projects > Other Files > SQL Script, but if you really want to take advantage of the data tools provided by HTML5 Builder, you will need to:

  1. Configure a connection to a database through the Data Explorer.
  2. From the Data Explorer, right-click on the target connection, and select SQL Window.

A new SQL script will be created, but unlike those you create from Home > New, this one will be connected to your database, so you can use the Design view to create your queries visually, and the Data view to retrieve the results of your queries.

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