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HTML5 Builder can open any text file, but it is designed to manage the following filetypes:



To open an existing file, you can:

  • Go to File > Open…, select the target file and click Open.
  • If you have recently loaded that file, open it from File > Reopen > Filename.
  • Drag the file from the desktop or a folder, and drop it on HTML5 Builder.

The type of file will determine the view where the file will be loaded.

Certain files, when loaded, will get other files loaded as well:

  • Projects will also open the files that are part of them as a project.
  • Group Projects will also open the projects they contain, and the projects will load other files themselves (previous line).
  • PHP scripts (.php) with a top-level container will usually also load their resource file (.xml.php), if available. For example, if the script is named file.php file, its resource file might be called file.xml.php.
  • RPCL templated forms (.php) will also load both their resource file (.xml.php) and their RPCL Template file (.html), if available. For example, if a templated form is defined on a file.php file, its data file might be called file.xml.php, and its template file might be file.html.


To save the current focused file, go to File > Save. You can save it with a different name from File > Save As….


To close the current focused file, go to File > Close. You can use File > Close All to close any opened file, project or project group.

Note: When closing a new or modified file, you will be asked whether you want to save the changes.

External Changes

When any open file is changed from an external application, HTML5 Builder will detect it and let you either reload the file or ignore the changes.