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A project is a collection of files. HTML5 Builder organizes your open projects in a project group — new projects will be added to the current project group, or a new project group will be created for them if none is open yet.

To create a new project, go to Home > New, and select a projects folder in the left-side treeview (HTML5 Builder Projects or Other Projects). In the top-right area you will see the project types categorized in the selected folder. To start a new project, double-click the target type of project. The following project types are available:

To open an existing project, go to Home > Open, browse to the target project file, select it and click Open.

By default, projects store the state of the previous work session: loaded files, focused one, current view, etc. You can disable this from Home > Options > Environment Options: uncheck the option Save Project desktop/open files.

To manage your projects, use the Project Manager.