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Mobile Components are visual components specially designed to fit mobile applications. When in design view, you can find them listed in the Tool Palette pane. Mobile Components can only be added to mobile pages.


MIFrame.png MIFrame
An iframe where you can load a webpage.
MButton.png MButton
A button user can click.
MPanel.png MPanel
A container for other visual components. When you change the position of an MPanel, the position of contained components changes too.
MCheckBoxGroup.png MCheckBoxGroup
A group of checkboxes. Multiple items can be selected at a time. You can manage its items through its Items property.
MRadioGroup.png MRadioGroup
A group of radio buttons. Only one item can be selected at a time. You can manage its items through its Items property.
MobileTheme.png MobileTheme
A theme to which you can associate other components. For information about theming, check this page.
MEdit.png MEdit
A one-line input field where user can type.
MTextArea.png MTextArea
A multiline input field where user can type.
MSlider.png MSlider
A slider or track bar.
MLink.png MLink
A link to a web page. It looks like a common button that, when clicked, opens a given URL in default web browser.
MCollapsible.png MCollapsible
A collapsible container for other visual components. When you click on MCollapsible’s title, it shows or hides its content.
MToolBar.png MToolBar
A toolbar to which you can add items through its Items property, with their name, icon, and more.
MToggle.png MToggle
A switch button. It can be switched (on and off) either by clicking it or by toggling it.
MRadioButton.png MRadioButton
A radio button.
MCheckBox.png MCheckBox
A checkbox.
MComboBox.png MComboBox
A combobox, a field whose value user can choose from a list of possible values, defined by you.
MCollapsibleSet.png MCollapsibleSet
A group of collapsible containers. When user click a collapsible inside the group, current opened collapsible container is hidden.
MList.png MList
A dynamic list you can fill with data, either manually, through its Items property, or with a database connection.
MMap.png MMap
An interactive world map provided by the Google Maps service.
MDateTimePicker.png MDateTimePicker
An input field to enter a date and time value.
MCanvas.png MCanvas
A canvas where you can draw 2D and 3D images.
MShape.png MShape
A simple geometric shape.
MImage.png MImage
An image.
MLabel.png MLabel
A label of text user can read but not change.
MMedia.png MMedia
Play audio and video files.