Standard Components

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The standard components are common general-purpose visual components. When in the Designer, you can find them listed on the Tool Palette pane.


Label.png Label
A label of text user can read but not change.
Edit.png Edit
A one-line input field where user can type.
SpinEdit.png SpinEdit
A numeric input field.
Memo.png Memo
A multiline input field where user can type.
Button.png Button
A button user can click.
CheckBox.png CheckBox
A checkbox.
RadioButton.png RadioButton
A radio button.
ListBox.png ListBox
A list. You can manage its items through its Items property.
ComboBox.png ComboBox
A combobox, a field whose value user can choose from a list of possible values, defined by you.
DataList.png DataList
List of items to be used client-side and associate to other components.
RadioGroup.png RadioGroup
A group of radio buttons which are mutually exclusive.
Panel.png Panel
A container for other visual components. When you change the position of a Panel, the position of contained components changes too.
ActionList.png ActionList
An action manager you can use to control form actions. When your form is loaded, if in the URL an available action is set for your ActionList, it will trigger its OnExecute event (which gets the name of the action as a parameter).