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You can customize and fine-tune the style of any control.

Using Properties

Controls provide several properties that let you customize their appearance. The available properties will depend on the control (e.g. Image does not have a Font property).

Note: For these properties to work in mobile controls, set their Enhancement property to either enStructure or enNone.

Define the radius of each corner of the control, as well as the border width, color and style.
Define the control’s shadow: blur radius, color, position, and style.
Define the background color. You might want to use Gradient instead.
Define the details for the control’s font: alignment, case, color, family, line height, size, style, variant and weight.
Define the background color as a gradient. Both linear and radial gradients are supported.
Define the shadow for the text in the control: blur radius, color, position, and style.
Perform transformations on the control: rotation, scalation, skewing and translation.

Using CSS

If you need more flexibility or advanced features, you can use CSS code to customize the look of your controls. See CSS Stylesheet for information on how to include CSS files in your pages.

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