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The InterBase API is a set of functions that enables applications to construct and send SQL statements to the InterBase engine and receive results back. All database work can be performed through calls to the API.

Advantages of Using the InterBase API

While programming with the API requires an application developer to allocate and populate underlying structures commonly hidden at the SQL level, the API is ultimately more powerful and flexible. Applications built using API calls offer the following advantages over applications written with embedded SQL:

  • Control over memory allocation
  • Simplification of compiling procedure—no precompiler
  • Access to error messages
  • Access to transaction handles and options

API Function Categories

API functions can be divided into seven categories, according to the object on which they operate:

  • Database attach and detach
  • Transaction start, prepare, commit, and rollback
  • Blob calls
  • Array calls
  • Database security
  • Informational calls
  • Date and integer conversions

The API Guide has complete documentation for developing high-performance applications using the InterBase API.

The Install API and the Licensing API

The Install API provides a library of functions that enable you to install InterBase programmatically. You have the option of creating a silent install that is transparent to the end user. The functions in the Licensing API permit you to install license certificates and keys as well.

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