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The purpose of this document is two fold: (1) a brief discussion the benefits of being a VAR; and (2) information on setting up the licensing and the use of the licensing portal.

The Benefits of Being a VAR

An InterBase VAR is simply a legal agreement between you and Embarcadero that allows you to redistribute InterBase. The benefits of this agreement are outlined below.

  1. There are no registration and licensing headaches. VARs typically receive a .SLIP file which they deploy with their application. By simply copying it to the InterBase install directory it inhibits the need to register the InterBase server. VARs also typically receive a collection of user licenses they need with their applications. VARs deploy their SLIP file and user licenses as need be, then report back to Embarcadero quarterly what they have deployed and pay royalties on their deployments.
    Because VARs can deploy slip files, they can also build silent installs. With a silent install your customers do not even know InterBase is being installed. Your silent install also allows you to configure InterBase, and by using InterBase multi-instance option you can virtually guarantee that no other application will use your installation.
  2. InterBase version control: If you certify your product with the current version of InterBase, your customers purchase this current version of InterBase. However, Embarcadero generally only sells the latest versions of its software. So unless you plan to re-certify your products every time Embarcadero comes out with a new version of InterBase, you need to be able to get to your customers the version of InterBase you certified on. Because you can redistribute InterBase, this is not a problem.
  3. Volume discounts. If you deploy enough copies of InterBase you may be eligible for volume discounts. Volume discounts can be discussed with your Embarcadero sales rep.

Customers interested in becoming an InterBase VAR need to contact Embarcadero sales. Information on contacting sales is available at

If you are new to InterBase then we would suggest going through the InterBase VAR License Portal Quick Start to find out more about getting started with InterBase. This includes details on how to embed InterBase into your application deployments and installers.


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