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Registering and licensing of apps is a clear and concise process. The InterBase SDK Pack offers customers the ability to test their installation process. With the SDK Pack, the potential VAR can start developing immediately while completing the steps necessary to gain access to the VAR portal.
The process includes:

  1. The purchase of an “InterBase VAR SDK Pack”.
  2. Embarcadero creates new account with the status of “Potential VAR”.
  3. The Partner is given access to Partner Portal where they can view VAR details and reports.
  4. The new InterBase VAR is introduced to Embarcadero Support by an Embarcadero Sales/Channel Partner.

Updating Your Application for Live Deployments

After the SDK Pack and VAR contact are in place you will be issued with your live deployment licenses. Unlike the SDK pack licenses, there are no time restrictions, but the licenses are identical in all other respects. Simply add the live license into your application deployment at the same location as the SDK license and you are ready to go. There is no need to ship an SDK license with a live license so it can be safely removed at this point if you so wish.

Licensing Information for Different Versions

This section covers all the information you need to both register as a VAR and license your version of InterBase. The following versions of InterBase are included:

Getting Started

The SKD Pack allows you to:

  • Use Test licenses. These licenses are available for:
    • InterBase Server, including servers with different user counts
    • InterBase Desktop
    • InterBase ToGo (mobile and desktop)
  • Verify your installs.
  • Generate detailed licensing reports.
  • Obtain license keys in a few simple steps.

Important Information

When you registered you received an email with your personal serial numbers and web registration code that you need to activate your individual test deployment product licenses for your company use.

  • Product: This includes the type and number of users. For example InterBase XE7 Desktop - 1 User (SDK)
  • Serial Number: xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx
  • Registration Code: xxxx
  • Expiration Date:
Important1.png After reviewing this information, choose to either download your activation file or email the contents and activation file to your email.
Once you have made this selection, click Register.
Critical MSDN1.png Please keep your serial numbers safe! These keys are specifically linked to your account to aid your testing. Each activation creates test license files that are valid for 60 days. After 60 days, please revisit the registration page to renew your test license.

The activation process provides you with a registration license file that you must save and deploy with your application to achieve a silent installation of InterBase.

Note: InterBase XE7 SDK Pack serial numbers are issued for administration purpose only and do not activate individual manually-installed products. In order to activate your Test Deployment licenses please go to: and enter the serial number you received in the email and the Registration Code: 737479.

If you are not using an Embarcadero IDE, you may need to download the InterBase install files. You can always download these install files from Embarcadero Product Downloads:

or from your Embarcadero Developer Network via the registered user downloads page:

Programmer / DBA / Data Controller links

If you have questions about installing or registering your product, please contact Embarcadero Support. However you may want to explore the links below first. To find the right support contact for your region, please go to:

To assist you as you code, there are a number of resources available. Please contact your sales rep for specific details on accessing the online interface for viewing install data.

If you are building Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) apps specifically, it is recommended that you spend some time learning how to easily protect the following:

  • database,
  • at-rest customer data with 256-bit AES strength on-disk-encryption with InterBase,
  • SSL for data in transit (Client/Server over TCP/IP).

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