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For Server, Desktop, and ToGo Editions, the VAR can save the license file anywhere (for example, My Documents); however, only one set of licenses need to be included in the packaging of their application under <InterBase>/license folder.

For Desktop- and Server-based embedding, the license file needs to be included as per instructions at Using the Wise Installer to Embed InterBase for a silent embedded install.

Once you have received an email with your serial number and registration code, please take time to review it.

  • Product: This includes the type and number of users. For example InterBase XE7 Desktop - 1 User (SDK)
  • Serial Number: xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx
  • Registration Code: xxxx
  • Expiration Date: (The expiration date is set 90 days from when you completed the registration process)
Important: After reviewing this information, choose to either download your activation file or email the contents and activation file to your email.


Once you have made this selection, click Register.

  1. When prompted, save the file as regxxx_timestamp.txt into any folder.
  • If you are in the process of installing the product, and are presented with the Registration dialog, select the "I have received an activation file (*.slip or reg*.txt)" option, click Browse and navigate to the activation file.
  • If you have already installed the product, go to the <install root>\bin directory and run LicenseManager.exe, select License | Import and navigate to the activation file.
  1. Click Import to complete the Embarcadero product registration.

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