MicroVAR SDK pack

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The MicroVAR SDK pack is sold to get MicroVARs developing while commercial discussions are held.

The SDK pack is a a single SKU that will have a number of items linked to it via Sanctuary; when it is sold they will be added to the EDN account for the customer. The sale of the SDK will then email the customer the serial keys for the product editions below. The customer will then enter the serial keys online to generate their slip file. The licenses in the SDK pack behave as a test deployment license. The license file will be valid for 60/90 days.

The SDK pack includes the following products:

Users Product License Type
1 InterBase XE3 Desktop SDK
1 InterBase XE3 ToGo Mobile SDK
1 InterBase XE3 ToGo Edition SDK
5 InterBase XE3 Server SDK
1 InterBase XE3 Server SDK