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For RAD Studio Alexandria users: Save the license activation file as reg_ibtogo.txt in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Embarcadero\interbase\redist\InterBase2020 folder. It applies to Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS deployments.

First, open a cmd.exe window and “cd” to the directory where you downloaded the activation file. Then execute the following commands:

 copy reg*.txt  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\InterBase\redist\InterBase2020\
You may need to replace the reg*.txt with your specific filename in case the copy does not work. For example, on Windows, %PUBLIC%\Documents\interbase\redist\InterBase2020 is found at C:\Users\Public\Documents\interbase\redist\InterBase2020.

Now you are ready to use the deployment wizard in RAD Studio to select this license file to be bundled with InterBase ToGo applications for deployment.

For Customer Support, visit the support page.

For more information, see ToGo Quick Start and ToGo on RADStudio.

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