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Go Up to Using the InterBase VAR License Portal

The first tab contains your account information. It also allows you to log out, as well as send an email to your account representative.

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Account Information Table

General Tabs
Tabs There are five tabs: Account Information, Licenses, Statements, FAQ, and Contact Us. Click the links for details on each tab.
Welcome This is a brief introduction of the Portal and its functions.
Partner Information
Account Displays the name of the account holder which is from the User Account information from your EDN account.
Email: Displays the User's EDN email address.
Contact: Displays the name of the principle partner in the VAR.
Phone: Displays the phone number of the principle partner in the VAR. This is a link that automatically calls the user using Skype.
Send email to Account Representative Opens the Contact Us dialog where you can generate an email to your Account Representative.

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