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To help with the most common questions, we have a number of FAQ’s and useful resources on the FAQ tab. The FAQs are also shown here for your quick reference. For any other questions about your InterBase VAR account please contact your account representative.

Q) Are there any good videos on how to use InterBase?

A) InterBase Labs are available online at "http://www.embarcadero.com/database-in-action/interbase-labs" with a host of new videos coming soon covering enhanced features.

Q) How long does it take for license usage to show online?

A) Typically license usage shows in the portal within 20 minutes.

Q) What happens if I re-install?

A) Re-installs are tracked automatically for the same machine where we are allowed to track machine information (typically all platforms except iOS). If you need to install onto a backup server or move the license to another machine, then once installed, please use the "Send email to Account Representative" button on the Account Information tab to alert your account representative of the re-install so you are not charged for this separate install.

Q) When will I be billed for usage and whom do I pay?

A) This depends on your VAR Contract, but billing is typically run quarterly. Bills are either issued directly from Embarcadero or from one of our world-wide partners. If you are unsure, or have not received your bill recently, please contact your account representative by clicking the “Send email to Account Representative” button on the Account Information tab.

Q) Can I see my upcoming bill?

A) Yes – open the Statements tab to view your estimated bill for the current month.

Q) What do I do if I think the statement is incorrect?

A) Contact your account representative immediately so we can review your account with you. If you believe your key is being used without authority we may be able to shutdown your key (depending on your licenses type). Please remember your license key is your responsibility and should be securely stored at all times.

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