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The InterBase VAR (Value-Added Retailer) Program has been enhanced to simplify the VAR experience and minimizes risk for the Vendor with the following features implmented:

  • The licenses are sold on an "as used" system. What you use is immediately tracked and then invoiced.
    • This tracking system provides data to the channel managers, which can be used for forecasting and spotting trends.
  • It is easy to obtain and use licensing keys. Once you become a VAR you will receive a deployment license file to include in your application bundle for deployment.
  • The program is compatible with: InterBase XE3 ToGo (Regular and Mobil Editions), Desktop, and Server.
  • Comprehensive reporting data available.
  • Licensing is managed via “Call Home” and “e-Slip" licenses. The required information is captured by Embarcadero's licensing database.
    • The Call Home feature then has the ability to block rogue keys to prevent further activations.
  • There are different levels of discounts available to InterBase VARs depending on your usage requirements. If you are interested in becoming a VAR, please contact an Embarcadero Sales representative.

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