Accessing Array Data

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InterBase supports the following operations on array data:

  • Reading from an array or array slice.
  • Writing to an array:
  • Including a new array in a row to be inserted into a table.
  • Replacing the array referenced by an array column of a row with a new array.
  • Updating the array referenced by an array column of a row by modifying the array data or a slice of the data.
  • Deleting an array.

Dynamic SQL (DSQL) API functions and the XSQLDA data structure are needed to execute SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements required to select, insert, or update relevant array data. The following sections include descriptions of the DSQL programming methods required to execute the sample statements provided.

For more information about DSQL and the XSQLDA, see Working with Dynamic SQL.

The following array operations are not supported:
  • Referencing array dimensions dynamically in DSQL.
  • Setting individual array elements to NULL.
  • Using aggregate functions, such as MIN() and MAX(), with arrays.
  • Referencing arrays in the GROUP BY clause of a SELECT.
  • Creating views that select from array slices.


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