Accessing Arrays

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InterBase can perform operations on an entire array, effectively treating it as a single element, or it can operate on an array slice, a subset of array elements. An array slice can consist of a single element, or a set of many contiguous elements.

InterBase supports the following data manipulation operations on arrays:

  • Selecting data from an array
  • Inserting data into an array
  • Updating data in an array slice
  • Selecting data from an array slice
  • Evaluating an array element in a search condition

A user-defined function (UDF) can only reference a single array element.

The following array operations are not supported:

  • Referencing array dimensions dynamically in DSQL
  • Inserting data into an array slice
  • Setting individual array elements to NULL
  • Using the aggregate functions, MIN(), MAX(), SUM(), AVG(), and COUNT() with arrays
  • Referencing arrays in the GROUP BY clause of a SELECT
  • Creating views that select from array slices


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