Accessing Remote Databases

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Client Side Settings to Access Remote Databases

In order to connect to a specific InterBase server on a machine you need to identify the server you want to connect to.

Remote Servers

In order to access the database database_name.ib located in the directory database_dir. On a remote machine remote_host accepting connections on a port number specified by a service_name on the client machine. The database name specified in isql, the client API or any InterBase driver should be remote_host/service_name:/database_dir/database_name.ib

Assume that a remote client application wants to access windows server running on a machine called remote_host running 2 servers with the example configuration specified above. The client machine will need to have the same service name set as the server, so the services file will need to have these entries:

gds_db 3050/tcp #default interbase port number
ib__a 3051/tcp # A's interbase port number

In order to access an InterBase server running on the 3051 port number, use the following database connection string (through isql or through the API) remote_host/3051:c:\database_dir\ib80test.ib.

For older clients specify the service name which is bound to the port number on which the older server is listening e.g. remote_host/gds_db:c:\database_dir\ib71test.ib

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