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There are five functions available for manipulating authorization codes in ib_license.dll:

See the API Function Reference for a detailed reference for each function.

  • isc_license_add() adds a line to ib_license.dat. Use only authorization codes that you have been given expressly as deployment codes from InterBase.
  • isc_license_check() checks to see whether an authorization code could be added to ib_license.dat. This function performs all the same tasks as isc_license_add(), without actually modifying ib_license.dat.
  • isc_license_remove() removes a line from ib_license.dat.
  • isc_license_display() displays the authorization codes that are currently in ib_license.dat.
  • isc_license_get_msg() returns the text of error messages that correspond to error codes returned by the other four licensing functions.

isc_license_add() can throw the following errors:

Error codes from isc_license_add()
Return Description


Authorization code was successfully added


The authorization code could not be written


The authorization code was not added to the license file because it is a duplicate of one already present in the file


The ID/key combination is invalid

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