Advantages of Views

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The main advantages of views are:

  • Simplified access to the data. Views enable you to encapsulate a subset of data from one or more tables to use as a foundation for future queries without requiring you to repeat the same set of SQL statements to retrieve the same subset of data.
  • Customized access to the data. Views provide a way to tailor the database to suit a variety of users with dissimilar skills and interests. You can focus on the information that specifically concerns you without having to process extraneous data.
  • Data independence. Views protect users from the effects of changes to the underlying database structure. For example, if the database administrator decides to split one table into two, a view can be created that is a join of the two new tables, thus shielding the users from the change.
  • Data security. Views provide security by restricting access to sensitive or irrelevant portions of the database. For example, you might be able to look up job information, but not be able to see associated salary information.

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