Altering a Global Temporary Table

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A temporary table can be altered in the same way as a permanent base table although there is no official support to toggle the behavior of the ON COMMIT clause. The specification offers an ALTER TABLE syntax to toggle that behavior.


RESTRICT will report an error if there are dependencies by other temporary tables on the current table scope. CASCADE will automatically propagate this table scope change to other temporary tables to maintain compliance. The default action is RESTRICT.

For example, assume that TT1 is a temporary table with ON COMMIT PRESERVE and has a foreign reference to temporary table TT2 which is also ON COMMIT PRESERVE. If an attempt is made to modify TT2 to ON COMMIT DELETE, an error is raised because an ON COMMIT PRESERVE table is not allowed by the SQL standard to have a referential constraint on an ON COMMIT DELETE table. RESTRICT returns this error while CASCADE would also alter TT1 to have ON COMMIT DELETE. Thus, CASCADE implements transitive closure when ON COMMIT behavior is modified.

This specification of ALTER TABLE extension does not allow a table to be toggled between temporary and persistent.

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