Blob Data Operations

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InterBase supports the following operations on Blob data:

  • Reading from a Blob
  • Writing to a Blob, which involves the following operations:
a. Inserting a new row that includes Blob data.
b. Replacing the data referenced by a Blob column of a row.
c. Updating the data referenced by a Blob column of a row.
  • Deleting a Blob

The following sections describe how to perform these operations. These examples do not include the use of filters to convert data from one subtype to another as it is read or written. For information about using filters, see Writing an Application that Requests Filtering.

Dynamic SQL (DSQL) API functions and the XSQLDA data structure are needed to execute SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements required to select, insert, or update relevant Blob data. The following sections include descriptions of the DSQL programming methods required to execute the sample statements provided. For more information about DSQL programming, see Working with Dynamic SQL.


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