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Declares a generator to the database. Available in gpre, DSQL, and isql.

In SQL statements passed to DSQL, omit the terminating semicolon. In embedded applications written in C and C++, and in isql, the semicolon is a terminating symbol for the statement, so it must be included.
Argument Description


Name for the generator

Description: CREATE GENERATOR declares a generator to the database and sets its starting value to zero. A generator is a sequential number that can be automatically inserted in a column with the GEN_ID() function. A generator is often used to ensure a unique value in a PRIMARY KEY, such as an invoice number, that must uniquely identify the associated row.

A database can contain any number of generators. Generators are global to the database, and can be used and updated in any transaction. InterBase does not assign duplicate generator values across transactions.

You can use SET GENERATOR to set or change the value of an existing generator when writing triggers, procedures, or SQL statements that call GEN_ID().

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