Canceling Interest With isc_cancel_events()

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An application that requested asynchronous event notification with ­isc_que_events() can subsequently cancel the notification request at any time with isc_cancel_events() using the following syntax:

ISC_STATUS isc_cancel_events(ISC_STATUS *status_vector,
isc_db_handle *db_handle, ISC_LONG *event_id);

event_id is an event handle set in a previous call to isc_que_events(). For example, the following code cancels interest in the event or events identified by ­event_id:

include <ibase.h>;
. . .
/* For example code leading up to this call, see the code example
 * in "Continuous Processing with isc_event_que(), earlier in this chapter. */
isc_cancel_events(status_vector, &db_handle, &event_id);

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